Keeping you cool, with effective air conditioning servicing and repairs

Set the right temperature inside your car without worry, thanks to Alan Aston Motor Engineers. Visit our centre today for expert air conditioning repairs.

We make air conditioning repairs a breeze

Air conditioning is a luxury many of us cannot do without, especially on hot summer days. If your air conditioning is not as cool as it used to be, you notice funny smells, or it’s now blowing as strongly, pay our Evesham-based team a visit.

The technicians at Alan Aston Motor Engineers offer high-quality air conditioning repairs and services to customers at affordable prices. We can service your car’s system so you enjoy the comfort of cool and fresh air whenever you drive.

Our technicians are trained to identify and rectify leaks and faults in the air conditioning and fix them quickly and efficiently, using quality replacement parts where required. We are equipped with all the essential supplies and equipment, including an R1234yf machine to be able to offer our services to newer vehicles.

Call us today for more information on our services. We will be on hand to answer all your queries and offer expert advice.

We take care of every part of your system, including:

Leak detection
Refrigerant replacement/re-gassing
Pollen filter cleaning
Pollen filter replacement
Compressor repair, including belts
Condenser blockage removal
Vent cleaning

No matter your needs, the team at Alan Aston Motor Engineers is ready to help. We are members of the Good Garage Scheme, and committed to upholding the high standards set by the Bosch Car Service scheme.

We can also take a look at your exhaust and other issues. Get in touch today to book your vehicle in.