Monitoring your vehicle’s health – expert vehicle diagnostics

Something wrong with your car, but you’re not sure what? Our professional-grade equipment can inspect your vehicle and let you know exactly what is wrong. Find us in Evesham today.

Comprehensive diagnostics services…

Many modern cars are clever enough to tell us exactly what is wrong with them, but understanding the sea of codes, lights and warning beeps takes skill and the right equipment. With our wealth of knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment, we can carry out a full diagnostic test for your vehicle. These tests help us find any faults or damage in your vehicle that would normally not be detected, and translate engine codes given out by your ECU into an exact issue.

If you have an older car (typically pre-90s) your ECU may not be compatible with our equipment; but rest assured knowing we can still carry out old-school diagnostics checks to determine the problem. We can also check mechanical and electrical components not monitored by your ECU.

…Followed by expert repairs

Using the report we get from our equipment, we can inform you of the necessary repairs and seek the go-ahead to carry out the required work. From exhaust repairs and blocked filters to issues with your timing, we can handle it all.

Our repair work will then be carried out to the high standards of quality set by Bosch. We only use quality components, and with decades of expertise, your car or van is in safe hands. Speak with our helpful reception team to book your vehicle in for a diagnostics check.